Diabetes and The Eye

Diabetes can lead to damage of the tiny blood vessels inside the retina. Diabetic retinopathy can lead to visual loss if not treated.


Who is at risk for diabetic Retinopathy?

All people with diabetes.

Every diabetic should have a comprehensive dilated exam once per year. 40-45 percent of Americans with diabetes have diabetic retinopathy.

What are the symptoms of diabetic retinopathy?

Blurry vision

Spots floating in your vision

If left untreated it may progress to cause severe visual loss and even blindness

How is it detected?

Comprehensive exam including:

Visual Acuity

Dilated Exam


How is diabetic retinopathy treated?

Adequate blood sugar control

Early diabetic retinopathy not affecting the vision may be monitored.

Laser treatment to treat the bleeding/ leaking blood vessels

Injection of medications to relieve some of the abnormality

Surgery to remove the blood in the center of the eye

If you have diabetes you should get a comprehensive eye exam once per year.

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